Trust me by Adinda van ’t Klooster

Trust me, 2005

The neon sign with the text 'trust me' was especially created for the crypt of Oslo Cathedral. Trust is the corner stone of religion and yet, perhaps ironically, also of the capitalist society we live in: When we cease to spend, the system ceases to work. With the neon sign being derived from the material world and the word trust from the spiritual domain, the sign makes us question whom and what we trust, for what reasons and how this changes throughout history. Flashing on and off every four seconds, it is also a reminder of the powerful implications of trust.

This artwork was created as part of the ‘InSpiritus’ project: an exchange programme between the UK and Norway where artists based in the UK collaborated with artists based in Norway to have two group shows, one in the St. Anne’s Cathedral Church in Leeds and one in Oslo Cathedral in Norway. The work made for these venues was site-specific. Although the chosen sites were serving a religious purpose, the majority of created artworks were not religious but rather dealing with universal themes such as life and death, dreams, hope, trust and motherhood.

More information on the wider context of the project can be found here

This artwork received funding from the Arts Council England and from the Dutch Embassy in Norway.